Level 3 Coach

Diane Clark

Level 2 Coaches

Sophie Fairnie
Finn Clark

Level 1 Coaches

Hannah Jacobs
Becky Fletcher
Amy Morgan
Sonja Nashchekina
Kira Moghadas

Award Scheme Coaches

In addition to the coaches introduced above, we have qualified Award Scheme Coaches working in our various clubs.

Ella Tomsett
Shanti Duraikan
Hannah Bower
Ashley Bellamy
Oliver Lindsell
Hannah Mason
Natalia Allen
Lili Turton
Gabrielle Schofield
Ruby Defries
Jessica Gittins
Aleena Allen
Rio Jarvis-Searle
Holly Seager
Poppy Seager

Trainee Coaches
Safia Morris-Broady
Anna D’Costa
Lottie Frost
Yasmin Karausta
Sofia Latham
Hatty Lawrence
Gracie Lewis
Chiara Caccamo
Max West
Jocasta Bull
Chantelle Carreras-Coves
Lotte Post
Orla Kennedy

We welcome anyone interested in qualifying as a gymnastics coach to work as a trainee within our classes until the opportunity to attend a coaching course arises. The minimum age to attend the Award Scheme Course is 14 but we are happy to hear from anyone age 13+. In this way, trainees are able to gain some experience helping the qualified coaches before attending a coaching course.

N.B. All our qualified coaches over 18 complete DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks every 3 years. Trainee coaches over 18 are also DBS checked.

Visit our ‘Working for us’ section for information about coaching opportunities.